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Certificate & Social Badge

Achieve your Certificate

You can download your certificate in our CerN examination environment immediately upon successful completion of the exam.

Successful completion of the certification process shows you have mastered the required knowledge. 

All our certifications are: 

  • Independent
  • Recognized as valid confirmation of your skills and knowledge
  • Achieved via online examination (anywhere & anytime)
  • Designed to accommodate different ways of learning
  • Optional
  • Social sharing enabled
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Verifiable


Check here to find instructions on how to get your certificate.

Social Badge

Check here to find an overview of our social badge and how to obtain it.


Show off your achievement online via
your social badge

Activate your Social Badge


  • Show your peers your latest accomplishments
  • Share your accomplisements with your network

Validate to employers

  • Validate your badge to your employer
  • Validate your accoplishment(s) with your future employers.

How to get your Certificate & Social Badge

Step 1. Login to CertN


To login:
Enter the (same) email address you used to originally do the exam.

You will receive a conformation email from <> with an activation code :XXXX

Copy this code into the ‘code from the email’ box. Afterwards, press ‘Next’.

Step 2. Go to ‘Download your certificate’ to access your digital badge.

When you login you will see the screen below.

Select ‘Download your certificate and use your digital badge here’. Select it when it highlights.

Select ‘Download your certificate’

Select ‘Your social network badge’, click on the badge and follow the instructions given.

Get your Certificate

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