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The minimalist project management system Professional Certification Program is a simplified, minimalist, and practical project management system. It’s easy to learn, and easy to use. is open and free, with a Creative Commons license.

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About the Organization

There’s a management team responsible for the project management activities, with one or more team members, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The project manager leads this team and is accountable for the project management activities. This person reports to the external customer project manager (if any) as well as the internal sponsor, who is a senior manager responsible for the final outcome of the project, for funding and resourcing it, etc.

There are one or more production teams in the project. Each internal production team (one with team members from your own organization) is led by a team leader, who reports to their functional manager (if any) as well as project manager. Each external production team (suppliers) is led by a supplier project manager who reports to the their internal managers as well as the project manager


Because despite the existence of fundamental systems such as PRINCE2® and the PMBOK® Guide, most projects are run intuitively, without the help of a structured project management system. This is the case because the fundamental standards, while invaluable, are too complex for normal projects.

Imagine all the people who use Excel. What happens if you replace Excel with a programming language? Most people won’t be able to use it, and they will be left without a tool, even though a programming language is more capable than Excel.

The fundamental project management systems are all like programming languages, and what people need most in projects is something like Excel. is that simple tool that most people can use.

.easy to learn uses a simple process. Consisting out of 33 management activities in 7 groups.


.easy to use

You can make changes to to better match it to your environment. There are various themes for, each of which will tailor the general system for a certain type of project. 

.easy to teach

The is free facilitating courseware available and awareness e-learning. Making it fun and interactive. 

About P3.expres

Candidates who are certified are expected to be able to manage projects or contribute to their management in an effective and structured way using

The goal is to create an implicit definition of level of expertise required for managing real-world projects, and therefore, give people an indication of when they can be relatively confident about their expertise.

Candidates can become certified by

  • accepting the code of conduct, and
  • passing the Practitioner exam.

Time (minutes) for the exam: 

140 minutes 

% minimal passing grade 


Open/closed book: 




Exam format: 


Type of questions: 

  • multiple-choice, with 2 or more choices where only one choice should be selected, or
  • multiple-answer, with 3 or more choices where more than one choice should be selected.

Are there also negative questions included in the exam? 

(for example: “which of the following is NOT a principle in the Agile Manifesto”) 

Yes. Candidates are strongly advised to read the questions carefully. 

Special abilities and regulations for people with disabilities on non-native English.

Please see:

You can make changes to to better match it to your environment. However, be careful not to harm the internal consistency of your system when doing so, and keep your system simple. It’s usually better to start with the original form of, and adjust it gradually in response to your needs, refining those choices by inspection and adaptation.

We have plans to prepare various themes for, each of which will tailor the general system for a certain type of project. The following are planned so far:

  • for construction projects
  • for IT development projects
  • for European Union projects
  • for university projects
  • for film making projects
  • for single-person projects

Each theme will be developed by at least 3 experts from the domain, and one or more facilitators from the core development team of If you’re interested in joining one of the working groups, or have an idea for additional themes, feel free to contact us at

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Two years ago I discovered P3. Express, "the minimalist project management system", and I was thrilled. I am currently involved in three projects in which I am using this method, in the most diverse fields: social, corporate and public and I must say that I perceive a good feeling.
Roberto Cioni

I am impressed by the new eLearning course for the P3 Express project management framework. 60 volunteers put it together for you so you should give it a try if you are a project manager interested in a lean, solid framework for small to medium sized projects.

Cesare Castiglia

Cesare Castiglia


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