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ITAMOrg IT Asset Management Certification

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) Foundation Certification gives participants a basic understanding of the importance of IT Asset Management, how the different areas relate to other functions and departments.

About the ITAMOrg Certifications

ITAMOrg is a fast-growing global membership organization of IT Asset Management Professionals. With the mission to develop and strengthen the awareness & competencies in IT Asset Management best practices, ITAMOrg offers certified ITAM education.

Jesper Østergaard, Chairman at ITAMOrg

Why get certified

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT (ITAM) forms an vital element in a business strategy enabling cost control, risk reduction, more secure operations and improved business value in the IT asset lifecycle, including all aspects of hardware and software.


Member driven

ITAMOrg is a professional member organisation which on an independent basis wants to promote good IT Asset Management.


Join the conference

ITAMOrg hosts or co-hosts an annual international conference. The location, theme and organization co-hosting the conference varies from year to year.


ISO 19770 and ITIL® based

The importance of  getting in control of your IT Assets has never been bigger than now! 

FAQ About the ITAMOrg exam

This ITAM Foundation (ITAMF) certification provides an introduction to IT Asset Management and is aimed at anyone working in the field of IT Asset Management. From IT administrators with an operational focus to the CFO with a budgetary responsibility.

An ITAMOrg – ITAM Foundation certified professional understands all the concepts and purposes of ITAM and how ITAM can benefit their organization.

Furthermore, certified professional will master an understanding of the licensing complexities related to IT operations in terms of software and hardware updates and acquisitions.

A main focus of this certification is to expand upon the workflow and define the key roles within the ITAM disciplines across financial, contractual, inventory departments as well as highlighting the cultural change that could ensue for end-users in an IT environment.

The ITAM Foundation Certification is related to IT Service Management best practices (ITIL) and the ISO ITAM standard ISO 19770, introducing participants to the ITAM work frame in terms of IT governance and optimization of the IT Assets from procurement through to disposal.

ITAM involves several functions and departments in your organization, from budget managers, procurement and finance to IT service, IT operations and IT security.

The ITAM Foundation certification is designed for all key personnel in these functions. We recommend that the course is attended by several employees from these areas in order to enable a successful and coherent ITAM focus throughout your enterprise, as well as individuals can also benefit from this foundation course.

Time (minutes) for the exam: 

60 minutes 

% minimal passing grade 


Open/closed book: 



English. See for other available languages. 

Exam format: 


Type of questions: 

Yes. Candidates are advised to read the questions carefully. 

Are there also negative questions included in the exam? 

(for example: “which of the following is NOT a principle in the Manifesto”) 

Yes. Candidates are strongly advised to read the questions carefully. 

Special abilities and regulations for people with disabilities on non-native English.

Please see:

  • Attempting the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ ITAN knowledge and to make sure the learning gaps are effectively addressed.
  • Certification is the only way to ascertain the participants understood the concepts and ready to embark on implementation work. Otherwise, there is no quantifiable way to measure their effectiveness knowledge transfer.
  • Certification is an indication that the participants attained proficiency in IT Asset Management and acknowledged by an independent international body
  • From an educational piont of view, it is a big morale booster and motivates participants to engage confidently in real-life implementation and collaborative in the project environment.
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Prepare for the certification

ITAM Foundation

Giving you the knowledge to perform​


Download the Syllabus

+ Do training
+ Buy the Book 
+ Download the syllabus


Download the Syllabus

+ Do training /e-learning
+ Study the litrature


Demo & Practise exam

Do the demo exam to have a feeling about the certification. Before hand do the practise exam. 


Do the exam

Once you are ready, go and do the exam and get certified!

What Users Say About this Certification

This certification is crucial and critical for professionals in Asset Management, organizations 'Need To Have' internal professionals taking care of there licenses and asset management. Not having this covered accordantly in your organization is or will be much more expensive than having your Asset Management in check!
Jayesh Patel, SAM Administrator, Dixons Carphone, UK.
SAM Implementation Lead at Vodafone Asset Management
I can strongly recommend this course to anyone who can benefit from a stronger insight in the ITAM workflow in their organisation and an understanding of the ITAM areas and how they relate. In this sense, the course can contribute to a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach when we face ITAM issues
Vojtech Hutar
SAM Implementation Lead at Vodafone Asset Management

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