People don't realize the importance of Data Management - Hans Weigand head lector Data at Tilburg University

Why Data Management

Data management should be seen as a key differentiator in business. The true value of data depends on the person and his or her situation – and not on the data directly itself.

Meaning that organizations have to find the balance where to put there efforts into. This may be either data management activities OR value creation with data. And this may be the main challenge for every organization. Successful data management requires an offence and defence tactic. 

Data Management, a gentle introduction

Data management is an exciting and valuable capability that is worth time and effort. The book Data Management, a Gentle introduction more specifically it aims to achieve the following goals:
1. To give a “gentle” introduction to the field of DM by explaining and illustrating its core concepts, based on a mix of theory, practical frameworks such as TOGAF, ArchiMate, and DMBOK, as well as results from real-world assignments.
2. To offer guidance on how to build an effective DM capability in an organization.This is illustrated by various use cases, linked to the previously mentioned theoretical exploration as well as the stories of practitioners in the field.

The primary target groups are: busy professionals who “are actively involved with managing data”. The book is also aimed at (Bachelor’s/ Master’s) students with an interest in data management. The book is industry-agnostic and should be applicable in different industries such as government, finance, telecommunications etc.

Initiating the Data Management Community.

6 March, Tilburg University in the Netherlands.
The Tilburg University, Van Haren Publishing and their partners such as Strategy Alliance, Aranea and Vijfhart  co-hosted an event on modern-day data management.

The goal of this event was to lay the foundations of a new community of interested professionals in data management by sharing thoughts and visions on data management.

If you want to be part of this community and help us bould the world of data management please register below so we can keep you updated.


Data Management: a gentle introduction
9789401805506- hardcopy
9789401805520- eBook

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