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What quality we provide


Using digital tools and innovation we can deliver examination anywhere globally and on any device.

Based on ISO 17024

All our procedures, processes and handling are accordantly to the ISO 17024. This enables us to guaranty quality to our customers.


Our certifications and the membership organizations behind them are globally recognized.

Material for users

To enable all our diffrent customers from certification candidates, organizations to educational organizations.
We provide serveral means that they may leveradge in there benefit.

Literature and content

Via the Van Haren Publishing litrature and content anyone can educate  and consult them selfs or others.
This content is made accessible via publishing, rewriting, translating and other means.


Van Haren Publishing provide high-quality, accredited, ready-to-use courseware that can be used to deliver the training.
Our authors are leading thought expert in their fields.

Train the Trainers

Van Haren Learning Solutions enables your trainers to teach themselves by providing access to our vast content library.
(e)Books & Courseware are free for trainers.

Certification service based on ISO 17024

Van Haren Learning Solutions continues intention is to obtain the highest level of quality. We do this by contineusly reevaluate our ways of working and by enhancing them. The ISO 17024 guidelines, industry-standards and general customer experiance stand central and function as many guidance to achieve this. The validity of the ISO 17024 guidelines is checked periodically on an annual basis by an external and independent organization. The organization assesses that Van Haren Learning Solutions continues to meet the requirements required by industry-standard(s).a

Fully Independent

We are truly independent in company and brand, and have ensured policy so that this will always remain.


Trough constant evaluation, in exicuted examinations, processes and procedures we will contanly improve!

Exam Regulations

Our carefully drafted exam regulation ensure good usage and examination practises.


Van Haren Learning Solutions respects all users privacy and ensures the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially.

Digital profile

In present day people contain a day-to-day and a online profile. We enable your customers and partner to estanblish theirs.

Data security

We and our partners have made sure we follow the legulation as the ISO guidelines proscribe to us on Data stroradge and security.