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In this form, candidates will have the possibility to provide a complaint or general feedback.

Once you have filled in the form below you will automatically be notified that we will reply within 48 hours informing the applicant about the status of the matter.

All feedback and complaints are treated with confidentiality.

Review Arrangements

We will review our process annually as part of our self-evaluation. If candidates provide feedback or complaints, we will include these in our review process and treat them accordingly.


It is the responsibility of VAN HAREN LEARNING SOLUTIONS to asses all appeals in an independent manner and ensure that the quality of the certification was sufficient. Any feedback and complaints will be checked and reviewed first by the support and back-end sales professionals. If they are unable to determine whether or not the gravity of the complaint or feedback is urgent, it will be passed on to the IT Manager of Director Learning Solutions.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to follow the correct procedure, follow all the instructions, and stick to the conditions of the appeal.

Areas covered by Feedback and Complaints Policy.

The Feedback and Complaints procedure can cover the following subjects:

A. Feedback and Complaints regarding an error in procedures

If in the procedures there was a deviation from the regular procedure, or it did not work in an efficient matter, then this is a matter to be included.

B. Feedback and Complaints concerning the content or documentation

It is possible there is feedback or a complaint regarding the content. For instance, in the syllabus, the (practice) exam, or maybe the exam literature or courseware. In this case, the candidate can provide us with feedback.

C. Feedback and Complaints concerning how VAN HAREN LEARNING SOLUTIONS communicates or acts

If VAN HAREN LEARNING SOLUTIONS communicates or acts in a matter that is not desirable, then this can be part of the feedback or stated as a complaint.

D. Feedback and Complaints concerning our IT in the form of the exam platform or website

It is possible there is feedback or a complaint regarding our website, exam platform, or any other form of IT.


Feedback and Complaints Procedure

Once a form for a complaint or feedback has been filled in, it will be directly sent to us via Certification@vanharen.net where someone will review the messages.

Urgent Feedback and Complaints

If the message is urgent, then this matter will be immediately picked up on. The person sending the message will be contacted directly. If necessary, a message will be placed on the website informing visitors about the issue. The problem should be resolved within a maximum of 2 hours. Afterwards, it will be checked, and the person who sent the message will be informed, and the text will be removed from the website.

General Feedback and Complaints

If the message is not immediately urgent, it will be added to the project meeting which takes place every Monday morning.

The candidate will be informed that the message has been seen and that it will be discussed. In the general meeting, the issue/message will be discussed and assigned to a professional who will be personally responsible for this issue. He or she will resolve the action within a maximum time frame of two weeks, depending on the gravity. The matter will be discussed weekly in the project meeting until it has been properly dealt with.

After the issue has been dealt with, it will be tested. Only once the issue has been finally resolved will it be communicated back to the candidate.

Feedback on content

In case there is feedback on content, the Development Department will collect the feedback and discuss when to execute the revision, if any is necessary. This will again depend on the gravity of the issue. Once the material has been revised and reuploaded we will inform the concerned parties about this.

Invalid Feedback and Complaints

If the matter is considered not directly valid, we will thank the person for sending the message and ask for their understanding.

Online Feedback & Complaints Form

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