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On this page you can find a description of our
examination regulations, allowances and penalties.

These regulations apply to any Van Haren learning Solutions exam and are to be followed strictly .

The examination regulations

Number of questions

A set number of questions have to be answered during the exam.
The subject of these questions is more thoroughly described in the Exam Requirements and specifications excerpt.

Limited time

Candidates will be informed beforehand  about the time that is given for an exam.


Passing mark – X%

 The required percentage of passing marks can be found in the syllabus of each subject of choice.

For example: if the percentage is 70% over 100 questions this means you will need to answer a minimum of 70 questions correctly.

Open/closed book exam

In case of an open book exam, it means the candidate is provided with an copy of the book during the exam.
If it’s a closed book exam, it is not allowed to have the book during the exam.

Attempts per exam voucher

The exam voucher is only valid for one exam only, unless stated otherwise.

The appeal procedure

To appeal a question, the candidate needs to provide the examiner with the right exam number. Please note that it is not possible to review the exam after an appeal has been made.

No reimbursement after failing the exam

Participants who failed the exam will not be reimbursed when there is no valid reason. 

Fraud and plagiarism

The goal of the exam is obtaining an understanding and measurement of the candidate’s level of knowledge. Fraud and plagiarism are defined as acts that prevent a trustworthy measurement of the candidate’s knowledge and understanding level. Below is provided a list of actions that are seen as acts of Fraud. 

A.     Respecting IP and Copyright

It’s strictly forbidden to violate IP and Copyright, such as copying and/or sharing exam questions and answers.

B.     Cheating during the test

The person who is cheating, and or is offering the opportunity to cheat is an accessory to fraud.

C.     Possession of tools and resources during tests

Having tools that unfairly can benefit a person such as a pre-programmed calculators, websites, mobile phones, books (PDF or hardcopyt), course readers, notes, ect. excluding of what is specifically permitted.

D.     Identity fraud

Having other people identify as you or taking the exam in your behalf or offering it as your own. In this case both persons will be considered to commit an act of fraud.

In case an examiner will violate or facilitate these actions, her or she will be expelled from the program.

E.     Gaining access to questions or answers

Gaining access to questions or answers prior to the date an or time of the exam before the examination takes place. (Questions from the practice exam are allowed)

Consequences of fraud and plagiarism

Fraud and plagiarism are defined as an act of omission on the part of a student. As a result of which a correct assessment of the student’s knowledge, understanding and skills is made fully or partly impossible.

If a candidate does not agree with their penalty they can request for an appeal, if this appeal is not heard they can file a complaint.

Depending on the nature and scope of the fraud or plagiarism, and on the student’s study phase, one or more of the following sanctions may additionally be imposed by the examination board:

1. Exclusion from the exam for life

Depending on the gravity of the offence the examination board can decide to enact on this penalty. A motivation will be provided. Violating fraud and plagiarism point A, D and E will almost certainly result in this penalty being enacted.

2. Complete exclusion from taking part in all tests for a period of 12 months.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, this penalty can be applied. Violation Fraud and plagiarism point A, B and C will result in a minimal exclusion of 12 months. Other sanctions may be added.

3. Group exclusion

If the Board of Examiners determines that there has been widespread or organized fraud and/or plagiarism, on a scale which would affect the examination results in their entirety. The Board of Examiners will decide without delay that the examination is invalid and that all the participants must retake the whole examination at a short notice. This date will be no later than two weeks after the fraud has been established, so that the participants can still benefit from their preparatory work for the examination.

4. Legal consequences.

If fraud and plagiarism of point A, B, C, D, E or a combination of these points has been ascertained which may or may not lead to (potential) damage to Van Haren Learning Solutions or our the scheme owner which we represent, we will take extensive legal measures.

Here you can review examination arrangements.

Dyslexia Procedure

If you have a valid and official dyslexia diagnosis, please provide us with the right documentation and send a copy to support@vhls.global
You will also have to provide your current exam voucher and payment conformation.

Our support team will then provide you with a new exam voucher.

Please follow the exam procedure and so extra time can be added to your examination. Examination time will be extended with 15%.

Appeal Process

1. Send the appeal form signed to support@vanharen.net
2. Pay the appeal invoice 
3. An appeal check will be done
4. You will receive the results of the appeal check