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Van Haren Learning Solutions believes in continuous improvement of quality. In order to ensure this, we need to be able to measure (the quality of) our exams, our exam platform, the study material, organizational scores, and trainers. 

Once the candidate can access their voucher they will be asked to first fill in an evaluation form before the actual start of the exam. This is to ensure that candidates will not be biased based on their final results of the exam.

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Evaluations will be discussed regularly with the certification board and the owner of the certification scheme. This frequency may vary between a quarterly or annual basis, depending on the general status of the evaluation. If need be, the frequency will be increased or decreased as seen fit by Van Haren Learning Solutions.

The status of the certification will be discussed with the certification board based on complaints that may have appeared and on results from the evaluations. If need be, appropriate measures will be taken to improve the overall quality of the exam.

The goal is to increase the general overall value and generate better positive feedback scores.



It is the responsibility of VHLS to neutralize all candidate information and provide generic GDPR conform exam evaluations that will be shared with the exam commission and the certification boards.

Based on these evaluations,  the examination board will be able to make decisions on how to improve the exam and overall certification process. These will then be shared with Van Haren Learning Solutions and discussed on how best to execute any changes.

Areas covered by Evaluation Policy.

The Feedback and Complaints procedure covers the following subjects:

A. Learning experience evaluation
We wish to evaluate how the learning experience of the student was, how did they educate themselves, and how was this learning experience and the individual aspects of it.

B. Content evaluation
How did the candidates evaluate all the provided content and the quality of the content?

C. Process evaluation
How do the candidates evaluate the overall delivery process?

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