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Van Haren Learning Solutions supports Professionals, Training organizations and companies
to achieve accreditation in their preferred field of expertise.

We have an abundance of experience with accreditation and we know the do’s and don’ts!
A Training organization or company can become accredited with Van Haren Learning Solutions,
or we can support them to become accredited with one of our partners.

Accredited partners by Van Haren Learning Solutions


Global Knowledge Netherlands
Capgemini Acadamy
Quint Wellington Redwood
Global Knowledge United Kingdom
Purple Grifon
Sopra Steria
AE Enterprise

Certification provided by Van Haren Learning Solutions
enables organizations to show their expertise through Best Practice and standard.

Accredited by Van Haren,

Using the form below you can request accreditation by Van Haren learning Solutions, the process is simple and adaptable to your organization.

We accredit you with our partner(s)

We help organizations to become accredited with our Certification partners via our Courseware.

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Set up your own academy

Use your own trainer or one of our courseware partners. We can help you with accredited courses including examination and certification. Contact us to set up your own academy.

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