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Where are we based

Who are we

Van Haren Learning Solutions

Emmaplein 4
5211 VW ‘s Hertogenbosch
Tel: +31 (0) 73 73 702 24

Internet: www.vhls.global
E-mail: info@vanharen.net

Our vision

At Van Haren we aim to help others with the Best Practice products and services.

We hope to help organizations achieve their goals through offering our Best Practice ecosystem. Included in our ecosystem: certification, accreditation, examination and networking  with and via our partners.

Our mission

We are constantly looking to innovate and exchange knowledge within IT & IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management and Project Management. We help to make knowledge more accessible via our eLibrary and eKnowledge center, in the form of hardcopy books, eBooks, white papers and training material.

Our goals

Van Haren Learning Solutions wants to become the premiere location for finding Learning Solutions for Best Practices.

We have a number of goals where we focus on how to achieve this

  • Never compensate on quality
  • Keep providing the highest possible amount of service
  • Always remain independent and stay loyal to our partners
  • Become a one-stop solutions provider for Best Practices
  • Invest in the ecosystem of best practices
  • Keep expanding our portfolio

Our principles

This is what you can expect from us!

  • Quality, this can never be open for debate.
  • Service and relationship, a longterm vision is stronger than a short term gain.
  • Fare business, both parties need to benefit otherwise there is no business.
  • Keep looking towards the future, because change is continuously
  • Keep having fun in what you do, that’s what life is about!

Statement of independence and impartiality

Since the start of Van Haren Learning Solutions, it’s core principal is independence and impartiality.

Van Haren Learning Solutions understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities

Van Haren Learning Solutions will not now or never, act impartiality, violate it’s status of being independent, discriminate anyone in any sense or way possible to any organization, applicant or (certified) person.

Van Haren never makes any distinction amongst candidates. Variations in a certification process is not possible and have to be exicuted as described in the accreditation guidelines. Here there are also processes discribed for certain groups who need special treatment (like persons with proven disabilities).


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