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Why Van Haren Certification(s)
Van Haren is a brand that is known for almost 20 years as a quality content provider with a flexible and modern edge.
The benefit of Van Haren Learning Solutions (VHLS) is that we leveradge the content of Van Haren Publishing.

Van Haren Learning Solutions

The Van Haren Learning Solutions Certifications are qualitative standards from which their owners entrust Van Haren learning Solutions to govern their certification. We enable them global delivery, qualitative support and a vast network of experts, trainers and end users to support their certification.

Van Haren Partners

We help member organizations and owners to get in touch with our Certification and examination partner. We also adopt their certifications and there is a strong collaboration with our partners. We support them with our literature, knowledge partners and network and Training Partners.


Our Eco-system is the power of our certification, the expertise of Van Haren is to grow Best Practices. That’s what drives our certification, we are just a coordinating and supportive element.

Community driven

Our partners, authors, communities, network, education partners and member organizations and many more. We are just a pawn, a connecting element that support and enable a best practice and certification.


Van Haren has never compromised on quality and we never will.
All our products are backed by a community and industry expert and so are our certifications!

We offer certifications supported by a strong portfolio of body of knowledges, study books and courseware.

These are exploited via our sister company Van Haren Publishing which carries the label Accredited Training Organisation with our partners.

Certifications Partners

Our current Certifications