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What is BIAN?

The Banking Industry Architecture Network is created to  establish, promote and provide a common framework for banking interoperability issues. Our aim is to become and to be recognized as a world-class reference point for interoperability issues and reduction of integration cost in the financial services industry.

Why the BIAN Certification?

The BIAN Foundation Exam is the exam for the official BIAN Foundation level certification by the Banking Industry Architecture Network and is carried out by Van Haren Learning Solutions.

By successfully passing the BIAN Foundation Exam delegates will receive the BIAN Foundation level certification. This certification ensures the participant that they have been audited and have successfully mastered the required BIAN Foundation level. By passing this exam, you have the knowledge to: use your expertise with financial services providers, the BIAN design principles and artifacts, the ability to reduce integration cost and to maximize interoperability.

The BIAN certification exam is intended for professionals in the financial services industry such as consultants and enterprise- and solution architects, that all operate in the financial services industry.

Banking Architecture Certified

BIAN is THE Banking Industry Architecture Certification. Are you working in the banking industry, show your distinction by being a Banking Architect. Guarantee your employer, colleagues and clients that you have what it takes to be working in the Banking Industry.

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On receiving the BIAN Foundation level certification you have mastered the BIAN Standard and know that financial institutions can be modeled in a standard way. This enables maximum interoperability and re-use and minimum IT integration cost. A BIAN Foundation certified professional is able to recognize and apply this to financial services providers.

Literature & online content

BIAN Edition 2019 – A framework
for the financial services


9789401803151 – hardcopy
9789401803168 – eBook

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About the Certification

Who is the Foundation level for?

The BIAN certification is intended for enterprise architects, solution architects,
consultants and advisors in the banking- and financial services industry.

Job descriptions such as:
– Enterprise- and Solution Architects who work in the financial services industry.
– Consultants and Senior Consultants that operate in the financial services industry.
– Tooling providers that operate in the financial services industry

  • Software Solution Providers that operate in the financial services industry
  • Integrators and 3th party service providers that operate in the financial services industry .

What are the key things you will learn?

  • This certification qualifies professionals and demonstrates their knowledge of BIAN
  • It is necessary for professionals to have this basic knowledge in order to model a financial institute to the BIAN standard
  • It qualifies professionals in the financial services industry to demonstrate that they
    have a proper understanding of the standards in architecture required for financial organizations.

What are the exam requirements?

The number of questions: 60
Duration(minute) of exam: 60 min.
Pass Mark – X% (X marks):  70%
Open/Closed book: closed

How to prepare for the exam?

To prepaire for the BIAN Foundation exam you are reqomended to participate in an accredited BIAN Foundation training.
Our Accredted training partners are listed below.

It’s also possible to do the exam by self studying for the exam. After you purchase the exam voucher you will also get access to the exam litrature in ebook format; BIAN Edition 2019 – a framework for the financial services industry (ISBN Hardcopy 9789401803151).

The B.I.A.N. Foundation Certification Syllabus provides you more detailed information about the exam. It containse a Description, Certification Scope, information about BIAN and it’s members. Detailed information about the exam Format & requirements. The required study Effort (ECTS), the overall regulation and policy and learning objectives – Foundation Certification. A list of Key terms and concepts and exam requirements and Specification including the litrature mapping.

It’s recomended before you start to study to read the exam requirements and Specification and the litrature mapping.
This will ensure that you study the wright modules of the exam litrature.

Why certify your team in BIAN

· Attempting the certification exam is a sure way of consolidating the participants’ BIAN knowledge and to make sure the learning gaps are effectively addressed.
· Certification is the only way to ascertain the participants understood the concepts and ready to embark on implementation work. Otherwise, there is no quantifiable way to measure their effectiveness knowledge transfer.
· Certification is an indication that the participants attained proficiency in BIAN and acknowledged by an independent international body
· From an educational piont of view, it is a big morale booster and motivates participants to engage confidently in real-life implementation and collaborative in the project environment.

About the Exam

How do I take the exam?

It’s an online exam, done in certN platform.

After ordering the exam voucher via the webshop you will receive a download link and voucher code in your confirmation email.
By following this download link and voucher code you will gain access to the exam on the certN platform.

You will have to register first and then follow the process, the exam will NOT start directly.

On the certN Platform you can first do the practice exam to prepare yourself for the actual exam.

What are the system requirements for the exam?

Reliable internet connection is the main requirement.
You can take the exam on a computer or a mobile device, but we don’t recommend using mobile devices.

How can I contact you for support?

  • For support related to your training, voucher, etc.: Sales@vanharen.net
  • For technical support in using the exam platform: support@certn.global
  • For reporting issues or asking questions related to the content: contact the examiner using the “coaching” feature available on the platform (explained in the guide below)

What if my internet is disconnected in the middle of the exam?

You can go back to the platform and continue where you left off, using the same or a different device. Time will be running while you’re disconnected.

When do I get my results?

Immediately after finishing the exam.

When do I receive my Certificate and Social Badge?

After passing the exam with over 70%,  your certificate will be provided shortly after via email.

Find more infor on how to get your Social Badge here

Find more infor on how to get your Certificate here

Case studies (3)

The BIAN model fits perfectly in line with how we view enterprise architecture (EA) at PNC. One of the first steps we took as an organisation was to bring a business perspective to enterprise architecture. To us, technology is not just a collection of servers and software, but rather a set of technical solutions that are aligned to specific business capabilities and functions.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions, led by Sanghosh Bhalla, Niloy Sengupta and Akshaya Bhargava from the firm’s Banking and Financial Services Consulting practice, recently helped a top three North American bank, adopt BIAN and optimize their enterprise portfolio of applications that support business functions across all of its business units.

Read Case Study

As a vendor that grew through acquisitions, we inherited a rich collection of applications that have their application specific interfaces. Applications that had similar scope ended up having their specific interfaces for essentially the same responsibilities. One of our strategic goals was to cut integration time and cost and over time achieve plug-and-play interoperability between different applications in our portfolio.

Read case study

BIAN Testimonials

Rico Chiang

I am the principal consultant of AI Consultancy Limited, specializing in enterprise architecture training and consulting services. I station in Hong Kong and support clients in all Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I heard about BIAN when I was doing architecture reference model research for my clients in financial industry. I’m not involved with BIAN in any aspect.

BIAN framework provide a lot of useful models for my financial industry clients and helps our consulting business a lot. Although the models are free for download, it’ll be difficult to use them if you don’t understand the design principles and reasons behind. The BIAN course and certification enable me to make the best use of those BIAN artifacts right away. The latest BIAN APIs designs also aligned very well with our Agile Architecture approach which we are promoting to our clients.

Rico Chiang
Chief Consultant at A. I. Consultancy Limited

Rajaram Dilipkumar

“Currently there is no certification specifically on banking architecture and no common language exists which architects can use to communicate within the bank or externally with IT vendors & the banking architecture community. BIAN helps fill this void. This certification provides a practical guide to banking architects to move away from proprietary architectures to banking industry standards.

The core of this certification lies in understanding the service landscape which helps in developing an enterprise blueprint/capability model which eventually reduces the downstream effort to develop micro services and API’s. Aside of this, EA practice can also leverage on the BIAN metamodel in Archimate notation to further enrich the practice and reduce overheads whilst aligning with industry best practices.

On an end note, understanding this book and passing the BIAN exam will soon become a hygiene factor for architecture professionals within the banking sector similar to the TOGAF exam which is fundamental for EA practitioners across industries.

Rajaram Dilipkumar
Regional Business Architect CIMB Group

Laleh Rafati

From an architectural perspective, by Knowing BIAN, banking architecture professionals helps banks and financial institutions for 1) Strategic portfolio planning and value stream analysis and heatmapping (refers to BIAN Business Capability Model) toward creating value in their ecosystem; 2) Information exchange management (refers to BIAN Service

Landscape) toward enabling interoperability and open banking; and 3) Data management and analytics (refers to BIAN Business Object Model) toward getting a grip on business semantics and data landscape.

Laleh Rafati
BIAN Information Architect Envizion

Gerard Peters

The BIAN certification is a great added value for architects acting in the banking industry. The knowledge obtained, allows you to significantly lower the overall integration costs and improve operational efficiency by re-use of capabilities. Having chaired the BIAN Certification working group we enabled these and many more benefits to organizations

Gerard Peters
FS Architecture community lead Benelux Capgemini

Gert Kedde

“The high-quality courseware and books from Van Haren make our training of very strong offering. We can really differentiate ourselves from other suppliers and it makes our organization efficient and effective.”

Gert Kedde
Global Knowledge

Erik Houben

“With Van Haren learning solutions, we can create real added value and train our professionals with high-quality course material and train them with experts in security, agile, DevOps and more!”

Erik Houben

Erwin de Graaf

“Van Haren is a great partner to work with, they know the market and their partners well. We have a strong and also beneficial partnership where both parties benefit greatly from each other’s support!”

Erwin de Graaf

Jukka Tenkamaa

“Exactly what I needed. These are the best Togaf materials I have ever seen and I have used 4 or 5 different kind of materials – well done.”

Jukka Tenkamaa

Patrick van der Geest

“Working with Van Haren, we can really differentiate from our competitors and deliver much more value to our customers. It has enabled us to become one of the biggest TOGAF and Archimate trainers in the Netherlands.”

Patrick van der Geest
Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen

Yvette Hillenaar

“We have always had a good relationship with Van Haren, Van Haren and Pink Elephant go way back and are also looking together towards the future of learning.”

Yvette Hillenaar
Pink Elephant

Reinoud Ykema

“Working with Maurits as a supplier is as a partnership. We share the successes and resolve issues quickly together. And in the meanwhile, it is also a pleasant way of collaborating.”

Reinoud Ykema
Capgemini Academy

Ian Guy Gillard, executive vice-president, Bangkok Bank at SIBOS 2019 about how BIAN enables Banking as a service (BaaS), the Coreless Bank allows the Bangkok Bank to decompose banking to invoke services from different vendors.

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